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Nationally recognized for its sports expertise, PL Sports Consulting can provide your company with strategic event and program development, management, operations and marketing services in order to meet your goals.

As principal of the company, Paul Luchowski has broad experience in the sports industry — from the management and operations of worldwide events to the development, management and marketing of a pro soccer league and elite youth soccer leagues. His experience includes the development and management of multiple indoor and outdoor recreational sports facilities as part of a long history of working at every competition level, from the grassroots to the international stage.

PL Sports Consulting can provide services specifically tailored to your needs in an efficient and structured manner — providing written reports of activities, including analysis and recommendations. We understand the challenges each organization faces and provide effective methods to generate awareness and most importantly, revenues. Our primary goal is to successfully identify your specific challenges and offer business solutions to effectively improve your organization’s value.


Strategic Planning

From a youth soccer club to a company looking to be involved with the 2026 FIFA World Cup, PL Sports Consulting can provide your organization with the knowledge it needs in understanding the business of soccer in America. Our experiences from the grassroots level to the international stage can provide organizations with a roadmap to navigate the American soccer industry. We can analyze your organization’s structure, culture and capabilities and can provide proven methods to meet your goals.

Event Development
& Management

Through our unique knowledge and understanding of the soccer industry from the grassroots level to the international stage, we can develop events to meet your goals. Our extensive network of professionals can assist in creating, developing and managing your events. We are experienced in all operational aspects of events and can work with your partners to deliver sponsor activation and engagement. From tournament play to developing an all-encompassing league competition platform, our experience is unmatched.

Athletic Facility

After directly overseeing and operating hundreds of events in a wide variety of sports complexes across the country, we know how sports complexes should be designed and built. We recognize what amenities are important to participants (players, coaches, referees, medical personnel and event staff) and visitors. We have a proven track record of success in maximizing revenues and limiting expenses through efficient operational design and procedures.

Soccer Experience

We have worked at all levels within the American soccer landscape — from the grassroots to the international game.

At the youth level, PL Sports Consulting provided complete management and operational services in creating and implementing the Leagues Program for US Youth Soccer, the country’s largest youth sports organization with more than 3 million players and coaches. In 2018, we oversaw the unification of various existing leagues into a network of 12 standardized regional leagues that provided an upward pathway for teams from the state to the region to the national levels of US Youth Soccer competitions.

Prior to establishing the reimagined Leagues Program, PL Sports Consulting oversaw the formation and management of the National League, which operates as the highest level of league competition in US Youth Soccer. Under the leadership of PL Sports Consulting, the National League grew from a 32-team league in its initial season (2007-08) to 352 teams (2019-20) from upwards of 40 different states. PL Sports Consulting also previously oversaw the US Youth Soccer Midwest Regional League (MRL), which featured elite level boys and girls teams in high school age competitions across 13 states throughout the Midwest. We established the framework and executed the growth of the MRL from 300 teams in 2004 to more than 1,300 teams. The MRL model established by PL Sports Consulting became the standard used for the re-launch of the US Youth Soccer Leagues Program in 2018.

Prior to establishing PL Sports Consulting, Paul Luchowski worked with the National Professional Soccer League for more than 10 years (1989-2000), where he held numerous roles, including media relations director, marketing director, and operations director for the national indoor soccer league. During his tenure with the NPSL, he oversaw the management of teams in Chicago, Toronto and Memphis. He developed programs to enhance revenues and value for team investors, in addition to coordinating management and marketing programs at both the team and league levels.

PL Sports Consulting provided total event management services from the grassroots to international and professional levels. At the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, the 2016 Copa America Centenario (hosted in the USA), the 2017 Gold Cup (hosted in the USA) and 2017 Gold Cup (hosted in the USA), PL Sports Consulting provided services for TGI overseeing the installation and operation of the LED advertising system surrounding the playing field at multiple stadiums. Services included interacting with the client (FIFA, CONCACAF/CONMEBOL, and CONCACAF, respectively) and the numerous service providers at each venue, including but not limited to power, communications, rights holders, stadium grounds crew and stadium operations.

PL Sports Consulting coordinated all venue management and logistics for a Champions World Series international soccer game held at Cleveland Browns Stadium between Celtic FC (Scotland) and Boca Juniors (Argentina). PL Sports Consulting recruited and managed a special event staff of more than 50 people that provided team liaisons, media relations, and stadium event operations, as well as grassroots marketing support. In addition to the game played, we promoted and managed a special team practice event the day before the game for premium ticket holders and sponsors.

Past Clients & Events


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